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We are glad you decided to start saving

By entering the CUPS of your current invoice you can start the savings process. We will request your contact information to provide you with a savings simulation and see what you can save on your electricity bill.

Current contract identification

The Universal Point of Supply Code is the one that identifies your point of supply in a unique way within the electricity network. It is a minimum of 20 characters and follows the below structure:

  1. 'ES': The same letters are used to identify the country.
  2. Four numbers: Identify the distribution company provider.
  3. Twelve numbers: Identify the code of supply point.
  4. Two letters: Such as a letter from your National Insurance number. They are calculated taking into account the 16 previous numbers.
  5. Number + letter: They are optional and identify the type of electrical supply. For a house this should always be zero + 'F' (0F).

For example your CUPS number should be something like this ES0001000000000001MZ0F.

Your CUPS number will always appears on your bill in the supply data section together with your address, access tariff and power purchase agreement, etc...

Depending on your current provider it will be easier or harder to find it, but you need to look where you enter your CUPS number and something like ES0001000000000001MZ0F will appear.

We feel bad asking you for it, but we need it to be able to calculate your savings.